Il Mausoleo degli Spagnoli a Roma

El Panteón de los Españoles en Roma

The Lighthouse

Arquitectura per una "Nova Evangelització"

Thomistic science
Evangelization and art in the years prior to Vatican Council in Spain

The altars of renewal
Dreaming with new lights

Sceneries with Soul

Land for a Catholic atheist

Campo Verano revisited

Sceneries with Soul

Bendita vanguardia! Arquitectura religiosa en España 1950-1975

Writings on sacred architecture
The persistence of surrealism

A true cascade of light


WYD Madrid 2011

Persistence of Surrealism

A engenharia como alavanca
Monastery of San Pedro Regalado

Arte Architettura Liturgia
The churches of Miguel Fisac

Santa Ana de Moratalaz

Entre el suelo y el cielo

Orbis Tertius
Knockin on heavens door

Between the sky and the earth

Cultural heritage
Father Aguilar

Catolic religion
The Church in the twentieth century

Spanish sacred architecture

Kunst und Kirche
Die kirchen von der kolonisierung

Fray Coello of Portugal

Sacred Art: a current project
Integración de las artes

Ars Sacra
The sacred architecture of Mario Botta

Projects of the 90s
Sacred sculpture recovery

Ars Sacra
Itineraries of the New Spanish Architecture
New religious sculpture in Spain

Ars Sacra
In memoriam Luis Cervera Vera
The Sacred Architecture of Javier Carvajal