Santa Ana de Moratalaz, 1965-1971. Miguel Fisac

Date: 2007
Author: Eduardo Delgado Orusco
Publisher: Colegio de Arquitectos de Almería
Pages: 111

When in 1997, and among the numerous acknowledgements that marked the last years of Miguel Fisac’s life, he was granted the Architecture prize of Antonio Camuñas, the designated jury assessed his collaboration in the field of religious architecture as one of the main reasons for granting him the award.

Fisac revealed to be an obsessive architect, the producer of numerous variations in a constant intent of self-improvement. This conduct is the one explaining the approach to this publication, dedicated not so much to Santa Ana, but to the ideal church that Fisac pursued during his professional life, and worthy to note, he didn’t construct.
Santa Ana could be understood as the culmination, the most intense moment of his carrier, a provisional inclination, in the mid 70s, of his investigations in this field.