III International Congress of Sustainable Collective Housing
The recycling of assets as an instrument
of conservation and valorization

Urban Planning Materials
Integrated Workshop of Projects 2

Lights at night

The recovery of the masters

The memory of a flight
When Lebrijano sings

The Occasion of the Beyond
When Lebrijano sings

Studio works

Architectural Practice II
As Many Words as Bricks

Emak Bakia
Emak Bakia House

Photography and modern architecture
Whitewashed landscapes

Pioneers of Modern Spanish Architecture
The United States Embassy

The altars of renewal
Dreaming with new lights

Writings on sacred architecture
The persistence of surrealism

Ayala Architects
From big to small

A engenharia como alavanca
Monastery of San Pedro Regalado

Arte Architettura Liturgia
The churches of Miguel Fisac

Conceptual actions in the landscape
Water and energy

Architecture of Madrid. Periphery

Catolic religion
The Church in the twentieth century

The brilliant 50's. 35 projects
The architecture of Ricardo Fernández Vallespín

A century of social housing
OSH and Cabrero´s procedure

The Monastery of the Escorial
Alvar Aalto in El Escorial

Architecture, city and anti-urban ideology
The INC experience

Il disegno della cittá
Between realism and utopia

Fray Coello of Portugal

Sacred Art: a current project
Integración de las artes

From Rome to New York
César Ortiz Echagüe