The eyes of I'itoi. Solar telescope at Kitt Peak (Arizona)

Journal: PPA Proyecto Progreso Arquitectura, nº23
Chapter: The eyes of I'itoi. Solar telescope at Kitt Peak (Arizona)
Date: 2020
Authors: Eduardo Delgado Orusco y Ricardo Gómez Val
Pages: 74-89

In the 20th century, before the observation of the universe jumped to the space to break free of gravity and light pollution on the Earth, there was a swift and notable advancement of this science. This process encompassed the development and refining of observation instruments and also the identification of sites that met seeing and transparency conditions. Both architects and engineers were involved in the project and helped to build original facilities structured to redefine the ground profile–groundline– that supported them. Kitt Peak National Observatory, in Arizona, holds a privileged position; its first installation, the largest solar telescope ever built, was designed by the civil engineer and architect Myron Goldsmith. The review of his personal trajectory will help to understand the result of this ensemble that mediates between the depths of the Earth and the firmament of the stars.