Alvar Aalto en España

Date: 2013
Author: Eduardo Delgado Orusco
Publisher: Casimiro
Pages: 69

The finish architect Alvar Aalto was originally invited by the Architect’s College of Catalonia to hold two conferences in Barcelona during the winter of 1951. The architect visited next the city of Madrid and its surroundings where he did a series of interviews to local architects and participated in the famous Architecture critique sessions organized by the architect Carlos de Miguel for the journal Arquitectura the promotion media of the College of Architects of Madrid.

For posterity, the trip made from a city to another by the finish master left, imprinted in his drawing sketchbook, the landscapes he came across, revealing the architect’s interest for the natural territory slightly modified by human intervention or for the vernacular construction solutions along with some notes relating to plants and which seem to investigate their growth genetics.