9 domestic visits to modernity

Date: 2017
Authors: Carlos Labarta y Javier Pérez Herreras (coordinators), Mariano Pemán, Alegría Colón, Luis Franco, Sergio Sebastián, María Sebastián, Marta Sanagustín, Samuel Foncillas, Esther Caballú, Inés Hernández, Marcos Crespo, Álvaro Martín, Antonio Sánchez, Jessica Martínez
Scientific reviewer: Eduardo Delgado Orusco
Publisher: Prensas de la Universidad de Zaragoza
Pages: 234


This publication invites the reader to visit the domestic world of modernity. A visit that makes emerge a new modernity yet to be discovered, waiting for those who want to achieve their next time. These nine visits achieve the attractive invitation to rediscover a hidden domesticity after so much celebration of the end of the century, from housing exhibitions in the 20s in Germany to domestic laboratories in Japanese architecture. A discovery that achieves in its small scale the knowledge of a new way of giving room and with it to inhabit the whole world.