Modelling for the Camera. Photography of Architectural Models in Spain 1925-1970

Date: 2016
Author: Iñaki Bergera (editor), Eduardo Delgado Orusco (FAME investigator)
Publisher: La Fábrica
Pages: 208 pages

This book pays tribute to two important systems of architectural representation: the mock-up and photography.

More than a hundred original photographs of models of outstanding projects - known or lesser known, built or not - of the twentieth-century Spanish modernity, constitute a visual, critical and historiographic discourse of the first magnitude, a kind of parallel visual narrative of the future Modern architecture. It includes photographs of Català-Roca, Kindel, Pando, Lladó, Maspons-Ubiña, Gómez or Massats and of architects like Aizpurúa, de la Sota or Higueras, as well as several original models portrayed in photographs.