Photography & Modern Architecture in Spain

Date: 2014
Author: Iñaki Bergera (editor), Eduardo Delgado Orusco (FAME investigator)
Publisher: La Fábrica
Pages: 237 páginas


A book that presents, for the first time and explicitly, an approach to the role of photography in Spanish architectural modernity: from the emergence of the avant-garde in the mid-1920s to the International Style crisis at the end of the decade 1960.

As in the international context, there was also an intense flow of work and cooperation between photographers, architects and the media in Spain, which contributed to the appreciation of the former. Next to the most well-known and prolific ones like Català-Roca, Kindel, Pando or Gómez, the book presents the work of about forty professionals who portrayed the Spanish architecture of modernity.

The architects' interest in photography, the portraits of architects and the architectural media are other themes discussed in this work, which seeks to establish in the interdisciplinary debate the basis of a reflection on the role of photography and Photographers in this particular subject and in their own disciplinary autonomy.

Exhibition at the ICO Museum during PHotoEspaña 2014.