Metamorphosis in 3 acts

Journal: EGA, nº39
Chapter: Metamorphosis in 3 acts. The roman transformation of Louis I. Kahn through his drawings
Date: 2020
Authors: Eduardo Delgado Orusco & Rubén García Rubio
Pages: 98-107


The three short months – from December 1, 1950, to March 5, 1951 – that Kahn spent in the Italian capital, configured a moment of special intensity. His position as Resident Architect at the Academy of his country (RAAR) offered him great freedom, and he took advantage of it to travel through the Italian peninsula and the Mediterranean Sea. The impressions of these trips were collected in a remarkable series of drawings.

Nevertheless, there is not yet a critical study about those drawings that relate the objects and the drawing techniques. This paper aims to contribute to that analysis through the study of three specific drawings that offer an approach to the American Master’s view about the Classical Mediterranean Architecture.