Entre el suelo y el cielo.
Arte y arquitectura sacra en España, 1939-1975

Date: 2006
Author: Eduardo Delgado Orusco
Publisher: Colección Orbis Tertius, 2. Fundación SEK
Pages: 496

A long time has passed since Adolfo González Amezqueta noted that religious architecture will occupy a place of great importance when the history of the “Spanish post-war fight for modern architecture” will be written. This argument (Affirmation) was later confirmed with the recent apparition of architectural guides as well as critical texts that relate to this period.

It is important to resume the reasons underpinning this brilliant moment of enthusiastic encounter of a generation of young architects, artists and ecclesiastics that, while manoeuvring in a difficult context, understood and assumed their role in the necessary modernization of architecture and arts in general in our country. They added their brilliance to the participative criterions and typological and figurative restoration undertook by the so-called Liturgical Movement that formed part of a wider process that culminated with the solemn declarations of the Vatican Council II.