Porque vivir es difícil

The Monastery of the Escorial
Alvar Aalto in El Escorial

Project 600 homes

Gaudí's fragments

Kunst und Kirche
Die kirchen von der kolonisierung

Architecture, city and anti-urban ideology
The INC experience

Il disegno della cittá
Between realism and utopia

Architecture magazine 1918-1936

SEK International University Yearbook
Curro Inza

Fray Coello of Portugal

Sacred Art: a current project
Integración de las artes

Ars Sacra
The sacred architecture of Mario Botta

The palaces of Castellana

Projects of the 90s
Sacred sculpture recovery

Nueva revista
100 years of Alvar Aalto

Ars Sacra
Itineraries of the New Spanish Architecture
New religious sculpture in Spain

Ars Sacra
In memoriam Luis Cervera Vera
The Sacred Architecture of Javier Carvajal

Ars Sacra
Three publications on sacred architecture

Conversations with Javier Carvajal Ferrer
Memory of a tribute

From Rome to New York
César Ortiz Echagüe


La Almudena