Parking for the Comillas Campus

Place: Alto de la Cardosa. Cantabria
Date: 2010
Developer: Sociedad de Activos Inmobiliarios Campus Comillas
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco & Miriam García García
Team: Javier Rincón Sánchez, Lucía Bárcena Rebolledo, Miguel Ángel Venegas Pérez
Infographics: Lys Villalba, María Carmona, Juan Ignacio Álvarez, Javier Gutiérrez

The park-parking of the Pontifical University of Comillas in Cantabria searches for an integration in the existent natural hillside. For that matter, 3 large terraces were created and adapted to the terrain. At the same time, a series of accessible itineraries pass by these terraces to reach the point from which it is possible to enter the Campus through the access building. Pavements and vegetation dialog with the interior landscape of the Campus.