Single-family home in Burgohondo

Place: Burgohondo
Date: 2006
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco

Conceived as the second home of a family whose children are already emancipated, we were asked that the house could work well as a flat weekend weekend of marriage, as well as housing for the whole family, even with couples and their descendants . To achieve this, a substantially linear house was designed whose center, linked to access, constitutes the heart of the whole, growing the program towards the former.

It was also intended to use the stone available on the site, from an old agricultural construction. For this reason, a stone factory was proposed, under a zinc roof whose geometry was intended to provide a neatly modern ambience to the building.

The approach of a gentle artificial topography around the house aimed at the best use of the land understood as ex-tension of the interior space of the house.