New Health Science Faculty. Competition

Place: Málaga
Date: 2006
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco, Exit Arquitectos

The desire of introducing a public semi-covered square following the sequence of the requested classrooms was at the origin of this project.

The ensemble is arranged in function of the four scheduled fields of specialization (Podiatry, physiotherapy, nursing and occupational therapy), each one generating an opportune classroom containing all the corresponding services related to the fields of study. The classroom is also divided in two floors and is seen as a ‘beam’ which interior is filled with the required spaces: classrooms, laboratories, offices etc. In turn, each of these ‘beams’ is suspended in the air upon an inhabited pedestal, fundamentally in its perimeter while its centre is liberated. This empty core generates the space of encounter and exchange in the university.

To achieve this goal, each one of these pieces is configured as a big beam or a structural mesh composed of the necessary uprights and diagonals granting her a characteristic image.