Day centre, school and residence for cerebral paralytics, Centro Atenpace

Place: Madrid
Date: 2007
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco


The project is destined to offer care and attention for a community of patients suffering from cerebral paralysis in Sanchinarro, Madrid.
This disability alters the motor possibilities of the patients, for this matter the wheel-chair is their usual means of mobility. This feature conditions in turn, the interior space, as well as the external and internal communications of the buildings. Thus, our proposal consisted in the elaboration of two levels of horizontal bearings, each one of them corresponding to the principal uses we were asked to provide- day care centre and residence- with independent accesses form the two adjacent streets, in a way that each floor could be used independently if needed. Our building is seen as a big ensemble in which all the living spaces relating to assistance, training or work, the bedrooms and even the bathrooms and restrooms can have a direct relation with the green outdoor spaces.

In a building dedicated to persons whose motor capacity is altered and therefore experience difficulty in selecting their visual focal point, it seems for us a wise decision not to have privileged viewpoints, or in other words, to have privileged all of them.