Facility building in the Campus of Cantoblanco

Place: Madrid
Date: 2006
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco, Juan Cruz Sola

This competition alludes to a facility building denominated “University Square”, a concept evoking encounter, celebration and festivity. The proposal focused on a space capable of generating a new centrality, a ‘wide and spacious’ place, well-located, and tangent to the usual itineraries of the majority of the inhabitants of the campus. This place acts as an entertainment for the university life, a place for rest, for dispersal but also for reunion and problem solving as well as for the celebration of events.

The peculiar topographic features of the parcel conditioned the project and lead us to outline an opportune platform at a constant level, a horizontal plan articulating the different spaces of the ensemble. This in turn strengthens the fortified aspect of this central space, providing at the same time for the encounter and protection of the university campus inhabitants. We particularly insist on the essential celebrative aspect of the building in the context of University.