Oratory for retreat house in Parquelagos

Place: Torrelodones. Madrid
Date: 1998
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco

The space is organized facing a linear presbytery in which all the necessary liturgical furnishings are deployed. The presbytery runs along a ‘wall’-the main topic of the project- framing the different liturgical celebrations that need a material treatment of the setting of the presbytery.

Taking advantage of the vertical spatial development, the tabernacle is located in an elevated expository-oculus, embedded in the wall and having access from the rear side of the sanctuary by means of three steps reaching a higher floor level. Also behind this wall, the general sacristy of the sanctuary and a second altar are located, the latter complementing the tabernacle and also susceptible of being used for celebrations simultaneously with the main space.

The space in front of the sanctuary achieves its main typical functions (sound proofing of the sanctuary, library for spiritual books etc.). Due to its geometric arrangement and its separation from the sanctuary by means of a glass barrier, this space can also act as a first extension for the sanctuary or can allow to bow to the holy host from the outside, through the glass, without interrupting the celebration taking place inside the sanctuary.