Ephemeral installation Casa Cardenal

Place: Finca de la Escorzonera, Madrid
Date: 2018
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco
Team: Javier Rincón Sánchez, Miguel Quirós Esteban, Sugaro Catering, La Ballena Azul (velas)

The organization of the celebration after a wedding in one of the last houses built by the architect Javier Carvajal - the Casa Cardenal in La Escorzonera - offered us the opportunity to interact with its spatial values, making the latent visible and generating a festive atmosphere through an ephemeral installation based on color and light.

Thus, the structure of the house –inspired by traditional Spanish patio architecture– became the argument for the project: the sequence of open and closed spaces –patios and living rooms of the house– became an incomparable access walkway from the the front garden –which served as a reception space for guests and a cocktail area– to the rear garden where the rest of the celebration would take place.

This latent promenade in the building was made visible by an orange carpet that intoned with the characteristic Salamanca stone that builds the façade and with the Colmenar limestone on the floors. In turn, and accompanying this carpet, new plant species were planted to accompany the existing ones, and a series of spherical lantern candles of the same color as the carpet - with different sizes and at different heights - that contributed to blurring its linearity.

Finally, the provision of food stalls on the perimeter of the available garden –whose themes were related to the trips of the bride and groom– served to configure an unbeatable meeting, party and celebration space. Other pre-existing elements were also used, such as the basketball court, converted into a dance floor, or a slide that served as a festive and reference element for the guests.