Gathering building for a religious community

Place: Burgos      
Date: 2009-2010      
Developer: Iesu Communio      
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco  
Team: Juan Enrique Álvarez, Alberto Comas, Miguel Quirós


Visiting rooms, an essential part in the program requested by the religious community of La Aguilera, are understood as a meeting place with the pilgrims that visit frequently.

The meetings range from the ones of nuns with their family members, to one to one meetings with individuals, to encounters with a pilgrimage group, sometimes international, and that respond to the invitation with a contemporaneous and contemplative charisma.

These meetings take place in the Great visiting room, a large cylindrical space of a notable symbolic character where the nuns meet face to face with the pilgrims. Especially adapting to this spatial situation, opposing stands, receiving indirect lighting from the ceiling provide for the place of encounter.