Police station in Denia

Place: Alicante
Date: 2007
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco

Our proposal for the competition of this police station in Denia, which had to accommodate both the local staff and the corresponding national staff, left the visit to the site where it was to be housed. In it the banality of the suburban interventions that surrounded the future building, as well as its little protected and excessively sunny orientation that in such a hot environment like the one of this Levantine villa, would be revealed a factor of consideration.

This condition of necessary solar protection, coupled with the quasi-defensive character that suggests a police installation, led us to the solution of an eminently opaque and ventilated skin whose folds manifest an invisible and poetic field of urban forces that surround it. This formal game is independent - it overlaps - on another that manifests the inner uses.

The result is a compact building, sober and made to withstand the inclemencies of the weather, the atmospheric and the age-related, as well as the predictably carefree treatment of its users.

In any case, and sitting all the previous bases, we enjoyed thinking about the introduction of this silent and mysterious piece in the anodyne plot of the city, and its ability to radiate order and respect. As in other competitions, the disagreement with the criteria of the jury in charge of deciding the contest, moved us away from the possibility of verifying all these hypotheses.