Guest quarters for a religious community

Place: Burgos
Developer: Iesu Communio
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco
Team: Juan Enrique Álvarez, Alberto Comas, Miguel Quirós


To complete the program of La Aguilera convent’s buildings complex, a small building was required on the model of the cell’s building for the nuns, but for the reception and lodging of possible visitors or a relative’s overnight stay.
Following the geometric disposition of the buildings in the complex, these cells were grouped in a cylindrical building around a small patio. The cells conceived as little apartments open first to a small preliminary space that acts like a buffer between the cell and the central patio, avoiding in that way a direct view on the living space.
To give this building a tinge of singularity, different heights for the cells were adopted as to highlight a silent crown folding on itself in a quiet gesture of retreat.