New headquarters Banco Popular. Phase 1

Place: Madrid
Date: 2009-2012
Developer: Grupo Banco Popular
Design/direction: Arquitectos Ayala
Consultant: Eduardo Delgado Orusco


After being summoned to develop the scope of the Presidency of Banco Popular, in 2008 I had the honor of participating in the organization of the restricted contest to choose the team in charge of writing the project for the new headquarters of the entity that would be built in two phases and two locations distant from each other, less than one kilometer on either side of the A2, on leaving Madrid.

Awarded the first prize and the order to the team of Ayala Architects, since then we have worked as property consultants for the development of this project.

The first phase would house, in addition to an office building for 1700 people, the Data Processing Center (CPD) of the entity. The project elegantly solves the adaptation to the environment thanks to a set of "tablets" functionally interconnected by means of a large central space-corridor and volumetrically by means of a curb on the ground and sixth floors. The development of a second façade skin using ceramic cylinders that filter light and sunlight gives the building its characteristic image.