The same garden

Place: Madrid
Date: 2009
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco, in collaboration with Teresa Galí

The proposal came from the landscape artist Teresa Galí who launched the generic design of an action on a natural type and its subsequent observation and recording. The proposal and the different actions are found in the page http: // www.

The same garden v.1

1º Perform a circular excavation of 1'5m in diameter and 5 cm deep.

2º Make in the center a cone of 0'5m in diameter and 20cm deep.

3º To accumulate all the earth in a mound to 5 m of distance of the excavation.

4º Record everything in digital photographs and send to this mail along with the name of the place where it has been made, names of people who have done it, entities that have helped, date, instruments used and observations and impressions taken.