Reform of housing in Paseo de las Acacias

Place: Madrid
Date: 2009
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco

This small flat is planned for a university professor of mature age, a wise man who lives alone, focused on his researches and his books. This peculiar program determined the transformation of most of the living spaces of the house in a large library, joining for it stays and eliminating any space of transit.

Thus, the project focused on developing a library model that would allow to accommodate books of the greatest possible size without losing its formal order, one of the great problems of private or medium-sized libraries.

In turn, this operation allowed to dump the entire house on a few windows that dominate the southern area of ​​Madrid through a large windows that, given the relative height of the building and the floor, overlook a landscape of decks that evokes the best the work of the painter Antonio López.