Police Station in El Pardo

Place: Madrid
Date: 2007
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco

Located in the Pau del Arroyofresno, one of the new residential growth zones. The most immediate environment is characterized by the predominance of single-family and semi-detached houses.

One of the objectives of our proposal was to propose a building whose language and volume allowed it to be integrated into the environment, despite its scale and institutional character. Likewise, the treatment of the façades contributes a certain modularity that favors the economy, although its design would avoid a monotonous regularity. The stratification suggested by the opening of hollows in facade besides vertically ordering the succession of heights, contributes to the singularity of the building.

The proposed scale, intermediate between the representativeness of the public, and the closeness of the domestic seems appropriate. The interior, pierced by a series of courtyards that appear rhythmically in successive plants. In fact, and despite the regularity of skylights on deck, these patios have different heights, depending on the interior lighting and ventilation needs..