Nicola House (first version)

Place: Chincón
Date: 2005
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco

It was designed for a family consisting of a couple and two daughters, but two versions of the house were developed with two common notes related to each other: a great budgetary limitation and the desire to generate as many space situations as possible. The first version of the house is understood as a nave, a large container capable of accommodating the mobile spaces of each unit: the couple and each of their daughters. These spaces were in turn studied as self-supporting units that, when the weather permitted, could even leave the container and look for other locations in the exterior.

This approach, which explored the absence of family roots, effectively generated an extraordinary multiplicity of possible spatial situations. From the clogging of the interior space of the ship, to its complete unoccupation and colonization of the plot.