Concert hall in Lucena

Place: Córdoba
Date: 2006
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco, Exit Arquitectos

The general volume of the concert hall, at least in what refers to the principal halls and the stage with its correspondent stage machinery, evokes in its volumetric configuration a geological formation. As a matter of fact, on the site of the auditorium and in the surrounding area small rocky formations are found, which we brought to the office for a formal experiment, based on our understanding that architecture is rooted in its site.

We thought that the formal envelope that we have generated recalls the physical reality of the surroundings. Thus, we adopted the ‘rock form’, the one which in the words of Frederico Soriano, is only conformed by the internal processes of its elaboration.
But a rock which surface is activated with the light, like the medieval alabasters which covered the church’s window glasses, filtering a golden light to the interior space.