Colegio Gredos San Diego Guadarrama

Place: Guadarrama. Madrid
Date: 2006-2007
Developer: Gredos San Diego Cooperativa
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco, Luciano Moreno Feu

Having already acquired the expertise from the construction of Las Rosas School, we were asked to study a new ensemble with a slightly similar program in the township of Guadarrama, along the highway that links the town to El Escorial. The location is exceptional, on the foothill of the Madrid’s Sierra, and with excellent views on the surrounding mountains.

As a special indication, we were asked to differentiate this school from all the others schools of San Diego, including the school of Las Rosas. For this matter, and given that the constructive experience with the GRC was very positive, concerning economy and deadlines, we outlined a chromatic strategy different from the one studied for the previous college. Indeed, we bet on a new set of color and textures, always in relation to the possibilities that the GRC offered. Furthermore, and in contrast to the almost perfect flatness of the parcel of Las Rosas, we were confronted with a slightly abrupt parcel, which granted the building a specific dynamic movement.