Reform of accesses and marquee in Lagasca street

Place: Madrid
Date: 1991
Design/direction: In collaboration with the study of Jaime Castañón

The community of the building where our office of architecture was located asked for a solution for access from the street, which included the replacement of the canopy of the garage. The building, the work of architect and professor of structures of the School of Madrid Ricardo Aroca, responds to a project of the 70's that, like others due to his hand is raised with brick factories seen brown, metallic structure seen and intoned in that same color and, in general, a modern and optimistic grammar.

This starting point made us think of distinguishing between the support structure of the marquee itself and the skin that should fulfill that function. Thus, a renewal of the structure was proposed by lightweight triangular beams and fiberglass drawers that would lighten the plane that was conformed to our intervention.

As in many other projects, the impossibility of reaching an agreement in the community prevented a simple as well as effective project from being carried out. Twenty years later the original marquee remains in the same state.