Public park Cerro de San Miguel

Place: Granada
Date: 1990
Design/direction: In collaboration with Carlos Burgarolas
Competition: 2º premio

The will to represent the unreal, the imagined reality and the impossible, is the determining factor in the design of the garden. It pretends to be an environment that provokes and mobilizes the creativity and imagination of the person, a place where everything can happen.

The ever changing character of nature and the architectural resources mobilized in the proposal, speaks of an infinite capacity for suggestion and novelty.

From the cultural analysis of the city and the natural environment of the plot we have seen three coherent areas that we have characterized with a landscape concept, a water course and a unique architectural complex.

The first of these is the lower band of the plot, closer to the city, near the Hermitage of San Miguel, and which, due to its smaller slope, will house social, expansive and meeting activities.

The second is a spur with a north orientation, slightly more shady and humid looking at the plain. It is then folded into a solana hillside overlooking the Alhambra.

The third zone arises from the parking area and through some propileos is inside an amphitheater excavated in the land. From here starts an elevator, tower and viewpoint, towards the whole landscape.