Exhibition hall Recoletos

Place: Madrid
Date: 1990
Design/direction:In collaboration with the studies of Jaime Castañón and Castañón-Rickman

This exhibition hall is the result of the habilitation of the space gained in the interior of an apple patio of the Madrid neighborhood of Salamanca. This space, connected to the street through the portal, lacked natural lighting, an interesting condition for an art exhibition hall. The work, carried out together with Jaime Castañón and his brother Xavier, a professor at the AA School in London, consisted in the creation of a relatively neutral interior, using white wall panels and some accents obtained with travertine stone and lacquered steels.

This material treatment was applied indistinctly in both accesses and part of the furnishing, thus becoming a point of intensity of space.

Another strategy to activate the space consisted in the generation of an interplanet spatially connected to the rest of the set, which allowed new points of view on the works of art, as well as closing an interesting route for the eventual visitors of the room.

The works included a discreet remodeling of the portal of the estate, which allowed to take to the street the intervention as well as connect it with the urban scene.