Rural housings in Galicia

Place: Galicia
Date: 1993
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco

This contest made possible a reflection on rural housing and the need for its updating. So many times the rural has been hidden under a blanket of false typism and why not say it? intellectual laziness. In our proposal we wanted to propose a very linear type, open to the scarce and desirable Galician sunshine, recovering all the salubrity that the modernity advocated.

Inside the dense program was organized around the stairwell turned into a distributor and small patio covered with two heights, which, properly oriented could also function as thermal regulator of the set.

The construction would also want to recover and learn from the modern tradition, although giving place to local Galician techniques, that of surely the best constructors of the peninsula.

Once again, it was a pity not to have the opportunity to verify this project whose space organization, in its simplicity, served to raise other more ambitious residential projects, as already happened in the 50s and 60s with the proposals prepared by the architects who worked for the National Institute of Colonization, where they could try out many typologies that would later appear in other more committed areas.