Algete town hall

Place: Algete, Madrid
Date: 1993
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco

This was the first big contest that I present and I remember that at that time, as now, the crisis that made the profession after the great development in the shadow of the Expo of Seville and the Olympics of Barcelona did not present about 600 equipment Regardless of the result, a reflection on the necessary commitment of the administrations to this fact should be considered.

In any case the project presented tried to rationalize the program of a medium-sized City Hall, recovering the presence of the balcony for the authorities in its relation with the main square of the population.

The interior is organized around a sort of covered patio that collects daylight and serves as a connecting space between users. On the ground floor a space linked to the same courtyard was projected, for eventual segregation in the event of an organized event in the building. The arrangement of other auxiliary spaces, such as police stationery, parking management, or registers, the completion of setting up a simple and optimistic building, which drink from the sources of some architectures of the northernmost latitudes.