Schools for the Antares Foundation in Leganés, Madrid

Place: Leganes, Madrid
Date: 1992
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco

This initiative started from a private Foundation that wanted to promote two schools in the south of Madrid as a certain way of social promotion in this belt of the big city.

We were asked for a modern and optimistic architecture that could be well understood by future users and we worked with the illusion that it was so. We liked to see that other architects before us had prepared their school projects thinking about the children. In a formal register very different from ours can be remembered here Curro Inza de Segovia, the College of Pinarillo who asked his own children to draw what ra to them a school.

Spatially a courtyard distributor organizes the school, and also serves as a possible extension of the chapel and puts these spaces in contact with the gym, understood as a possible third extension space. The classrooms are organized in very clean and rational tablets that advance the exercise of the schools for Gredos-San Diego that would arrive some years later.