Advertising milestones for Banco Pastor in La Vaguada Shopping Center

Place: Madrid
Date: 1992
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco in collaboration with the study of Jaime Castañón

For some months we worked for the office that had the commission to realize and maintain the commercial offices of the Pastor Bank in the center of the peninsula, with special attention to the city of Madrid.

In this context, this concrete project arose from the need to establish an office of Banco Pastor in the La Vaguada Shopping Center in Madrid, a group known for the involvement of the Canarian artist César Manrique, whose formalization responds to a candles, vegetation, and double skins.

It was precisely this game of successive skins and facades that seeks to lighten and make more pleasant the presence of the shopping center, which encouraged and authorized the interiors to propose commercial strategies to announce their presence in it.

Thus, we explored different possibilities for the implementation of an advertising totem for the financial institution. A starting point was, besides the built reality of the center itself and its accesses, the color of the entity that is an identifier for this type of entities.

We explore different shapes, locations, even materials and textures. Another interesting chapter was the nocturnal presence of the totem that had to compete with other similar elements. We even propose a coordinated game of all the luminous milestones arranged in the center. Unfortunately the Bank gave up that location for its office and our idea returned to the drawer of proposals without realizing.