Offices of the magazine Telva

Place: Madrid
Date: 1991
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco in collaboration with the studies of Jaime Castañón and Castañón-Rickman

In the context of a work of remodeling offices for the writing of a magazine we were offered the opportunity of a singular project: the treatment of their access and reception.

The reception of the writing of a fashion magazine is a continuous transit space of people -employed, models, photographers, executives, messengers, visits, etc.-that it is necessary to order if it is also understood that it is the first-and for many the only impression they will have of the magazine.

We spent time observing this transit to conclude that the volume and the eventual simultaneity of these visits generated the need for a support bank, for people as well as for portfolios, packages, packages, etc. that circulated by that point.

Thus, we put a piece of furniture halfway between the seat and the shelf that was very welcoming for a short visit but that prevented us from staying for a long time.

Likewise the pregnancy of the logo of the magazine encouraged to use it as a motive for decoration of the space in question. A few months after our installation the magazine institutionalized the same form - the initial of its head - as an award for the awards it has since been granted annually.