Permanent kiosks

Place: Madrid
Date: 1990
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco


It is not a question of avoiding the place, but rather of finding a certain anonymity - an essential integral part of the urban character - and no environment offers better these characteristics than the vegetable - urban and suburban parks - within the city.

The interest has focused on a reflection on the subject of kiosks, the best functional solution to the proposed problem, a certain technical adequacy between idea and construction and the search for a discrete but identifiable image, as it corresponds to a negotiation that must carry out a job of complaint.

The possible surface has been exhausted, reaching 20 m2 for permanent building through a pavilion of light construction in which, presumably, modern technology has been used - panels of high density agglomerated wood, industrial floors, registable pipes, slab of concrete on greased sheet, etc. - at the service of a simple concept, in which the structure, a succession of porticos, has determined the form.

With a detachable character, the surface is enlarged to 50 m2 by means of a simple canvas awning of crude color that will protect the sun on the days of summer and under which is housed the permanent pavilion.