Rome Academy of Fine Artse

Place: Rome
Date: 1999
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco

The cultural economic and social conditions that established the relationship between thechurch and the collective have changed along side transformations in society. In the city aswell as in rural areas, churches, religious centres and similar institutions constitute, due totheir volume and position, fundamental elements in the understanding of the urban scene.

Today what were pennants in the profile of the urban scene, are physical depressions in thedense sollouette of the city. It is wrong that the urban identity still tries to uses symbolicelements (tower, bellfry…) that do to their height compete with the scene and the urbanlanguage of our days. This situation is specially clear in this building set on a nonconventional urban plot, in the periphery of the urban fabric.

Its low eight and volume, in relationship to its environment, locate it visually and architecturally within thesurrounding blocks  this give a formal impostance to the roof, it becomes the fifth façade.