The book Sceneries with soul. Inventory of places to pray, by the architect Eduardo Delgado Orusco, was presented last October 29th, at La Central, in the Reina Sofía Museum. It is a book that contains the projects and works performed in the office of the architect, published by Recolectores Urbanos and foreword by Alberto Campo Baeza.

As Alberto Campo Baeza describes: “The landscapes with soul proposed by Eduardo Delgado Orusco in this book are as a matter of fact landscapes with soul and with calm, that calm soul, the calm that gives architecture the presence of the spirit. These architectures are landscapes traversed by the murmur of a gentle air, that very rumor in which Elijah recognized the presence of God”.

At the same event the Italian and English version of the book which is now available in bookstores was also introduced.