The installation "Light on the Raval", led by Eduardo Delgado Orusco and Álex Martínez, was the proposal chosen by the jury as the winner of this new edition

Students at the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture presented their proposals this weekend at the close of the XXIII edition of the Vertical Workshop. The installation "Llum sobre el Raval" was promoted with the first prize of the jury, made up of the architects Ricardo Flores and Kathrin Golda-Pongratz and by the sculptor and photographer Javier Viver.

The installation takes as a central element the light, symbolically represented by some steel tensioners that, as beams of light, penetrate the interior of the temple through a new stained glass window on the top floor. That light ends on the floor of the cental ship and reflects, also in a symbolic way, the urban plot of the Raval neighborhood.

The students of the winning team led by Eduardo and Álex are the following:

  • Daniele Azuolaite
  • Gabriel Fejzulla
  • Sofía Martínez Ocejo
  • Marcos Takano Contart
  • Anas Azzam
  • Lorenzo Bavelloni
  • Cristina Castilla Taverner
  • Dalyl Chaou Costa
  • Isabel Gómez Costa
  • Karen Lorena Lugo Velázquez
  • Almudena Martínez García
  • Nithia Mbonabuca Shamika
  • Alicia Rafael Mota Díez
  • Facundo Javier Pérez Santarelli
  • Valentina Risemberg
  • Paula Rodríguez Grau
  • Olivia Sarrá Gómez
  • Ana Tchumburidze
  • Ossama Said Mohamed Teaima
  • Daniel Isaac Villacís Jaramillo
  • María Gabriela Zambrano Muñoz