2019 COAVN Award: Photography and modern architecture in Spain

The publication "Photography and modern architecture in Spain" has been awarded in the modality of 'Culture, diffusion and architectural innovation' in the 2019 edition of the Coavn Architecture Awards.

The jury has highlighted the exhaustive research on architectural photography for much of the twentieth century, which is established as one of the fundamental research in this field. Bounded to modern Spanish architecture, work, in addition to rigor and quality, consolidates a new field of vision in the historiography of architecture. The pedagogical and dissemination will of the project is also valued, which begins with a bibliographic and documentation work that is subsequently developed through various exhibitions and publications.

The contributions of this publication by the researchers of the project FAME, Photography and Modern Architecture in Spain, 1925-1965, of the National Plan of R + D + I 2008-2011 of MINECO, thus acquire the status of a road map, of cartography to travel with certain supports and references through the faceted universe, as diverse as the multiple looks they contain, of the architectural photography in Spain.

FAME project research group, Photography and Modern Architecture:

Iñaki Bergera, principal investigator of a team formed by Rubén A. Alcolea and Javier Martínez (Univ. Navarra), Amparo Bernal López-San Vicente (Univ. Burgos), Sílvia Blanco (CESUGA), Javier Cortina (Polytechnic Univ. Valencia), Eduardo Delgado Orusco, Fernando Tabuenca and Lucía C. Pérez Moreno (Univ. Zaragoza), Ana Esteban Maluenda, Beatriz S. González and Beatriz Gutiérrez (Univ. Polytechnic Madrid), Inés García Clariana (European Univ. Valencia ), Javier López Rivera (Univ. Seville), Gemma Medina (Van AbbeMuseum), Silvia Musquera and Yolanda Ortega Sanz (Polytechnic University of Catalonia), Justo Oliva (Univ. Alicante), and Antonio S. Rio (Univ. Coruña).