New publications about the Pantheon of the Spaniards

The new year 2018 begins with two new publications

  • El Panteón de los españoles en Roma / The Pantheon of the Spaniards in Rome
  • Il Mausoleo degli Spagnoli a Roma


"The burial of Javier Carvajal in the Pantheon of the Spaniards in Rome -of wich he was the architect himself along with José María García de Paredes by the mid-fifties- has relevance to revisit this small facility, whose project criteria contributed to consolidate the refounding of modern architecture in Spain after the post-war decade, indentified generally by an attempt to historicist recovery.

The geographically peripheral location of the Roman Academy where this exercise took place, and the generally Italian context, helped the configuration of a project with a distinct experimental style that would also increase the interest of the proposed revisit."


Presentation of both books in next dates. Stay tuned, we will inform you on the web!