Salvador Pérez Arroyo
Writings of an architect

Estados intermedios
Intermediate Stages

Research (in architecture)

10 years 10 texts
Architecture without hurry

Programs by hand
The time stopped

Technology in modern architecture
Julio Bellot in the Puig

Zarch 11
Interview with Julio Martínez Calzón

Zarch 11

JIDA 2018. Texts of architecture, teaching and innovation
Sobre la pertinencia

Revista Arquitectura
Gareth Bale and Eurobuilding

Paisaje y artificio
El mausoleo para Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente en Burgos

Encuentros / Encontros

The secret warp

III International Congress of Sustainable Collective Housing
The recycling of assets as an instrument
of conservation and valorization

RA Revista de Arquitectura
Kahn's Spain

Urban Planning Materials
Integrated Workshop of Projects 2

Project and City
Picking shells in the sand

The domestic, visual narratives
The brightness of the ordinary

The domestic, visual narratives

9 domestic visits to modernity

Il Mausoleo degli Spagnoli a Roma

El Panteón de los Españoles en Roma

Lights at night

The recovery of the masters

On the border


Zarch 8
A conversation with J. Navarro Baldeweg

The Lighthouse

The memory of a flight
When Lebrijano sings

The Occasion of the Beyond
When Lebrijano sings

Modelling for the Camera

Arquitectura per una "Nova Evangelització"